‘Sweethearts’ Screens at the London Film Festival

At the end of October we flew to England to show ‘Sweethearts’ at the BFI London Film Festival.  The British Audience had lots of questions after the screening for us, not just on the idea of a prison rodeo, but on the idea of rodeos in the first place. They also asked about the War on Drugs in America- hearing about the long sentences these women had served surprised many people.  All in all it was an interesting experience to be far from home watching the film with foreign audiences. Thank you to Michael and the rest of the gracious crew at BFI for hosting us and providing such a nice time. 


We also had the pleasure of attending a photography show of our ‘Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo’ photographs by Dr.Craig Smith and Shane Brown at the London College of Communication. Dr. Smith is the senior lecturer there and had spent the month of October focusing on ‘Sweethearts’ with his students.

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